a young shoot and a few books in the background

Low Buy 2.0 – halfway through

a young shoot and a few books in the background
When you don’t shop anymore, you’ve got time to watch your plants (re)grow …

Starting my Low Buy on February 22, it may not exactly be halftime – I’ve never been strong with numbers and I don’t really care – but I thought it might be time to post a short update on how my current low buy is going. As stated in my last post, the Covid-19 situation was (and is) of importance regarding my shopping behavior. Now that the shops have been open for several weeks, the urge to purchase stuff left, right, and center is gone. Of course, I’m also not buying anything unnecessary right now, but even purchasing something necessary doesn’t feel that important anymore.

It gets easier …

I’m currently reading books about consumerism, sustainability, and the dark side of the fashion industry. Therefore, just thinking about shopping mindlessly just for the sake of distraction seems even more absurd than it usually does. Having several items on my wishlist, of course, I understand that people want new stuff. I want new stuff, too. But I enjoy new items even more when I’m pretty sure I will use them for a long time. This is why I love using my wishlist (I know, I’ve mentioned that before …). It helps me to separate the wheat from the chaff, find out what I really want and need in contrast to items I want because I saw them on Instagram or Pinterest – working in advertising myself doesn’t save me from falling for good ole’ social media marketing …

snowy cityscape, mountains in the background
… or watch the snow fall (again, in March). So relaxing – as long as you can stay at home.

Knowing I’m “not allowed” to shop helps too. It’s like last year: See it – want it – look it up – put it on the wishlist – forget all about it. I’m looking forward to hitting up my favorite thrift stores in April, but for now, I can do without it. Besides I’ve so much going on – especially work, but also my dissertation – that I don’t get much else done anyway (as you can see on this blog …). I’m actually relieved I don’t have to go out and be around people just because of shopping. During stressful times my fuzzy brain is already all over the place, it can do without having to deal with behavioral issues like emotional spending.

(Roughly) three weeks to go …

I’m not sure if the shops will remain open since the pandemic situation is getting worse. Which doesn’t change anything about my current Low Buy intermezzo except that it may once again end during another lockdown – I won’t mind.  Thinking about some items on my wishlist, I can wait a few more weeks, even months. Staying healthy and safe is much more important than new … sweaters from Patagonia (the only thing on my wishlist that I can remember right now). Furthermore, I’m saving some money again which feels awesome. After all, I set myself another savings goal this year, and not shopping anything certainly helps to reach this goal much faster 🙂

Anyway, let’s see what the year will bring for us … Wishing you all the best, stay safe and take care! 🙂

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