Another belated Update – my Low Buy September

collage of DIY bag and Herrlicher padded coat

The last few weeks were definitely not good for blogging – I’m sorry. I had a lot going on and time is flying by. Besides, I felt a bit sick, spending my spare time napping and reading instead of doing something productive because I felt exhausted …

But hey, it’s nearly mid-October and I’m finally coming round to write about my Low Buy September, a month that was rather low-key thanks to being packed with things I had to get done instead of actual things I may have wanted to get. I stuck to my plan most of the time, had two dinner dates, two takeouts, did not overly bend my book budget, and didn’t spend a lot of money in general.

Small challenges

But it wasn’t all sunshine and rainbows. After ignoring some of my Low Buy rules in late July/early August thanks to some extra money, I realized I got a bit careless all around. It’s pretty easy to fall back into my old ways of wasting time and money on stuff, imaging it would improve my mood, my life, my state of mind. Been there, done that. I don’t want to get back to that point, but damn it, it’s sooooo easy and it happens really fast…

I don’t use a lot of social media but I’m on IG and I absolutely love Pinterest (which isn’t social media, I know). So I saw a really cute bag on Pinterest that I absolutely fell in love with and WANTED TO HAVE. Since the company is US-based and doesn’t ship to Europe, I couldn’t get the one I saw initially but found something similar that would ship to Europe. I came close to ordering it. Like, REALLY close.

Notes on photos of Madewell Transport tote
My main DIY inspiration was the small Madewell Transport tote.

DIY? Why not?

But I didn’t. I stayed strong. I resisted the urge to follow my wants and stuck to my plan. Not the least because Wonderguy made it clear that he thought I would let myself down if I gave in again that easily. All because I saw something I liked – exactly like it had been last year before I started my Low Buy Year.

So I couldn’t and didn’t want to order the bag – but I somehow circumvented my rules by making one myself. Which I did.

Let me present to you my interpretation of the Madewell Transport Tote Small:

DIY Madewell Transport tote small picture
My interpretation of the Transport tote 🙂

It’s larger than the original, and I changed some other things but by and large, I stuck to the original and I’m actually really proud I made a bag myself. I hadn’t had a chance to use it a lot since the weather wasn’t that great the last two weeks; also depending on my schedule I need a larger bag (or rather a backpack) for work. Nevertheless, I love it.

But I still bought something noteworthy this month – again.

Let’s stay warm, shall we?

At the end of September, I went shopping with a close friend of mine who wanted to get some new items before starting her new job in October. I made a to-do list, took care that she wouldn’t forget anything she wanted to get done that day, and got a few practical items we needed anyway. Of course, I saw several things I really like but I always knew I already got something similar at home and wouldn’t NEED it.

And then we went looking for a winter coat. My friend found a great and WARM padded coat from Herrlicher with a sustainable filling instead of downs. It’s long, it’s warm, and it can also be worn on a bicycle (I always cycle to work except when it’s snowing heavily). I have never owned a coat like that. Mainly because I don’t like that style – I think padded coats look like sleeping bags – but also because I never wanted something filled with downs.

picture of woman with warm padded coat from Herrlicher
My winter uniform, with mask of course 🙂

Long story short, my friend and I now own the same coat. For the first time in my life – and I’m in my thirties, so I’ve been around for some time – I own a really really warm winter coat. And though I still think I look a bit ridiculous I don’t care because it feels so warm and comfy …

What’s up next?

October! I love fall! Furthermore, my birthday is coming up, so I’m happy and sad (I’m old enough to also get a bit melancholic around my birthday) at the same time. But that’s okay 🙂

We’ve planned a day trip to another city in late October to visit a friend and do some birthday shopping. This is the one other cheat day I allow myself this year – if I find something I got on my wish list, I’m allowed to buy it.

Apart from that, there should be nothing much to worry about. I got a lot of work to do regarding my thesis and (regular) work is crazy right now because we’re short-staffed. Therefore, I feel the urge to drown my frustrations in useless purchases but I’ll resist – even though it can be tricky.

Everything is still crazy all around us, and my company is (again) not handling the situation responsibly. But I will pull through. I will not give in to frustration, fear, anger, anxiety. It will work out.

Stay safe, take care, thanks for stopping by! 🙂

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