last picture with all the stuff I bought

A very belated Update: My Low Buy Summer 2020

Books, shoes, a backpack, shirts, and several other items lying on the ground
Can you guess what happened in the last 8 weeks?

Mea culpa! I neglected this lovely little corner of my world for much too long … Time flew by the last few weeks and things got complicated on the way. But let’s take it one by one.

My Low Buy July

July was a quiet month filled with preparations for our upcoming vacation. Apart from exceeding my book budget – using the excellent excuse of needing just another beach read – I stuck to my routine. After all, our vacation would cost a few Euros, so I kept saving for that.

And it was absolutely worth it. Seven days at the beach, reading, swimming, listening to the waves, great Italian food (pizza, pasta, and THE typical beach snack: french fries), summer heat, and summer storms – Italy at its best, at least for us. Everyone was very careful, always wearing masks, keeping their distance, and enjoying their time. I read seven (!) books in two weeks – what a wonderful time – and now am (still) 4 books ahead in my Goodreads reading challenge. Long story short, we enjoyed some careless, sunny days, and a typical vacation to recharge our batteries as good as possible.

Financial shit hit the fan when we came back, but in the best way possible – and threw me a bit off my low buy track … in August 🙂

My rather turbulent (read: failed) Low Buy August

Let’s start with the most important things that happened: I changed my surname (a technicality but one I’m glad I finally got around settling) and I got a payout. The second helped with the first since a name change comes at a price. Besides, investing several hundred Euros in a better-named future made me prone to ease up about spending money, so I ended up buying some stuff from my wish list that could have waited until next year. I didn’t totally ignore my rules, but I also did not stick to them the way I should have. Especially not when it comes to books …

a row of books on the floor
Can you guess I love reading? And buying books, for that matter?

In the photo, you see everything I bought in my short shopping spree (except for a small silver ring which you wouldn’t recognize anyway). With three exceptions – the silver ring, sunglasses, and the small Kaweco pen – every item was on my wishlist for at least a month, most of it much longer. Some were practical items that have been very useful since – I love working with my Traveler’s Notebook Passport Size and the new pen and I’m really glad I bought it now and not waited until some time next year. I also love my new backpack, it’s a timeless piece I will have for many years, it has a perfect size – a bit larger than my Kanken, but still small enough to use as a daypack, easy to handle, and very accessible thanks to its design.

My biggest Low Buy failure – and one that makes me rather happy – are the shoes I bought secondhand. I had them on my wishlist for more than a year until I found exactly the pair I wanted. Once I found them by chance while deleting some of my own stuff on eBay marketplace, I couldn’t resist. Then there’s the wallet – I’m constantly on the lookout for a wallet in the perfect size and shape. For now I’ve found it, again.

some shopping items displayed for you to take a look - shoes, bikini, sunglasses, shirts, backpack, wallet
It took me about 4 weeks to accumulate all this … and so far I have no regrets.

The bikini was not on my wishlist though I thought about getting sustainable swimwear for some time – just not this year. Of the 2.5 bikinis I own all are 10+ years old and one I had to discard during our vacation because it pretty much fell apart. So, while on my spending spree I decided to support our local Patagonia store. Also, it was on sale, so I bought regional, sustainable, and economical. The shirt was a low buy slip up – but I love it 🙂 To support our neighbors, an excellent vegan restaurant just around the corner, I also bought their shirt (the black one). Also a slip-up, but happy about it.

So August was a bit turbulent on the Low Buy front. And I could see myself slowly falling back into this careless attitude towards shopping. After all, who cares if I get something nice for myself? Well, I care. And fortunately, I got back on track quite fast, not least thanks to Wonderguy who kept reminding me of my plans, how much I’ve already accomplished, and that I should not through all this away because of a short period of carelessness. Thank you, my ❤️

What’s next?

Or rather, what’s happening right now?

In September I’m finally back on track from day one. I’ve already spent most of my book budget by now (September 20), and because I’m totally stressed out due to academic obligations I’m losing myself in J.B. Fletcher mysteries so I won’t really need any new books until next month.

Being stressed out and feeling under a lot of pressure I also tend to not cope that well with being around people right now. I’m still not on my best pre-lockdown tolerance level regarding people and I doubt I’ll ever get back to this. Maybe I don’t even want to. Anyway, this results in a natural withdrawal from the outside world whenever possible, meaning I consciously omit coffee and lunch/dinner dates which saves additional money.

I got a rather important thesis presentation in early October, so I have a lot of work to do. This keeps me occupied and entertained… Isn’t it great how time flies by when we’re having fun? 🙄 Until then, I wish you all the best, stay safe and healthy, and take care!

See you soon 🙂

last picture with all the stuff I bought
September will be far less exciting … thankfully 🙂

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