Enjoying a summer of less – my Low Buy June

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I had a busy week, so belatedly here comes my low buy June recap in early July. I officially made it through half a year of conscious consumption and thrifty spending – yay and hooray! 🙂

The main thing is that in this low buy challenge I’ve found my way back from wasting my precious time and money on shit I don’t need to think about what I really want to spend my time and energy on. So far I’m happy how things are going.

But how was my June? Did I stick to my (book) budget? Did I save some additional money? Did I resist the post-/in-between-Corona offers all around?
Let’s take a closer look.

Save your local bookseller

For the record: I slipped up. Not dramatically, and not with ‘bad’ fast fashion retail shit or anything, but with books. I exceeded my 50 Euro book budget for about 9 Euros. Usually, I tend to buy second-hand books, often from Amazon sellers because a) it’s second-hand, which is always a plus in my book, and b) this way I can get more books for less money, meaning I’m getting the most out of my book budget (or my money in general).

But this has changed, at least for now. I hardly bought second-hand books online since the lockdown was lifted because I want to support our local booksellers. Most provide an excellent in-store pick-up service so that online book shopping got much more sustainable. It’s usually even faster than ordering the same book on Amazon, so that’s another plus. That’s why except for one thesis-related book (much too expensive to buy new) and three ebooks I bought every book new and locally. Which is pricey – and the right thing to do, especially at the moment.

four books on a black table, three english titles, one german title
My slip-ups (ebooks not included) – I love them all, even the one I needed for research 🙂

Long story short, apart from two books for a friend’s birthday, I bought three new books and spend 59 Euros in total. Two of those books I bought to support the #blackoutbestsellerlist challenge created by Tracy Sherrod from Amistad, and the third one is a highly anticipated book on green living which just came out at the end of June that I had to get (in German).

And while I’m still rediscovering my bookshelves (and ebooks), I’ve already read (and love) all of my recent acquisitions and am really happy with my purchases.

Saving money like a pro …

I never read any books on budgeting and money, so apart from Anna Newton’s tips in An Edited Life, I don’t know much about how to efficiently budget and save money. Since I’m on a low buy to reset my habits and get back on track with consuming more consciously and sustainably but not because I’m in debt or anything, saving money has never been the main issue of my low buy adventure.
Until Covid-19.

With the start of lockdown and home office, we were put on short time and further issues with the management arose. Without going into detail it’s safe to say that many of us were/are not ‘happy’ how the situation was/is handled. Also, we could still lose our jobs within the next few months, so it’s a wise move to put some money on the side.

Which I did from the beginning of this year, and even more so since March. In that respect, June was an excellent month, even though I exceeded my book budget. I’m being a bit more careful about my everyday spending, mainly groceries and such, and do my best to keep that low. I haven’t been to a restaurant, café, or bar since they reopened, and that too saved me some money. What’s more, during lockdown I started to eat more mindfully regarding my histamine intolerance. Keeping a food journal and finding out what I tolerate and what not helps me save additional money on groceries and food since there’s a lot of stuff I shouldn’t eat (regularly) right now …

a cat on a balcony next to a street and a house in the evening
Apart from buying books, working and reading a lot, and looking forward to going abroad, I also enjoyed quiet evenings with our kitty ❤

What’s up next?

One word: vacation! At present, most of Europe’s borders are open, making it possible for us to actually take our planned vacation in Italy. Seven days at the beach – after all that was going on the last few months, I’m craving some time away, no work (and related issues), no thesis, just Wonderguy, me, and our books. So far everything seems safe. If it stays that way, we will leave at the end of July. Thanks to early booking and my low buy, I can afford this week at the seaside despite short-time, pay cuts, and job insecurity. And even though current circumstances are far from ideal, we will make the best of our days on the beach, thankful that we can enjoy this luxury!

Hope you’re all safe and well! Take care, and no matter what, I hope you have a wonderful summer. Thanks for stopping by 🙂


  1. jasonwrites

    I congratulate you on your fiscal discipline. There are things I am cheap about, and other areas in which I spend frivolously (takeout food being one). And I hope you can indeed enjoy the beach in Italy! Thank you so much for the visit and comment. Speaking of self-discipline, I am struggling to find it in regards to writing, even though it gives me joy.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. The Merry Loner

      Hey, thanks for stopping by! It’s rather a journey of self-therapy that turned into a rather frugal journey thanks to Covid-19. But the important thing is it’s working most of the time, so I’ll stick to it – while still buying too many books, but that’s ok.
      I always enjoyes reading your posts so I’m happy you’re back! And I know what you mean, sometimes it’s hard to stick to something, even if we like doing it. This is my fith or sixth blog over the course of 12, 13 years and it’s the first that works for me for unknown reasons … Even good things don’t always work as we hope they would. You will get back to writing when it’s right for you! 🙂


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