a collage of a cat staring longingly at a plant higher up

Low Buy under Lockdown – my April Update

a collage of a cat staring longingly at a plant higher up
Little Lou trying to get to know our unpronouncable new green friend, Mrs. Fuzzyhead.

(deutsche Version)

So this month was not as quiet as I expected it to be. Living and ‘shopping’ under total lockdown until mid-month brought excellent results – I ordered two books online and apart from that all I/we bought were groceries and toiletries. Hence this month had huge potential. But spending so much (quiet quality) time at home and being the nerdy introvert I am, I found an outlet to pour a lot of energy and some financial resources in – my blog. I also transgressed my own low buy rules by buying some plants and something else. But more about that later.

First, we’ll take a look at the financial aspect of the month, then we’ll get to the juicy parts …

Where did most of my money go?

For the first time in this low buy adventure, I did not use up my book budget for the month. I bought two books which were 20 Euros in total and that’s that. It seems that I’m really getting into this “rediscover my (digital) shelves” mindset, at last. While I still have an ever-expanding book wishlist, I’m also getting back to the books I already own, digital as well as analog. I’m even thinking about rearranging my bookshelves into ‘read’ and ‘unread’ but I’m not sure if this would be useful. If my frustration regarding my work situation gets any worse over the next couple of weeks, I might actually do just that to take my mind off the bad stuff … We’ll see.

Anyway, even with my slip-ups included (more on that later), I didn’t spend much money most of the month – BUT when I spent money, I did a helluva job. I upgraded my WP subscription to restructure my blog, bringing together my German and English sites, and retouch its appearance a tiny bit. Since I’m well aware that my personal and financial situation can change any time, especially in the coming months, I decided to pay for a two-year-subscription, so I won’t have to worry about paying any fees next year. Right now I still have enough money and I’m positive this is a good investment.

Apart from spending roughly 170 Euros on upgrades and the like, I felt like I was doing okay until I checked my account and realized that I had surprisingly little money left. I was surprised and shocked at the same time, feeling like I did months ago when most of my hard-earned money went straight into stupid purchases. For a moment I feared that my perception of how much money I had spent was way off. Fortunately, after a more in-depth check of my account, I realized that I had already put a good amount of money into my savings account, much earlier than usual, and also a bit more than usual. I simply had forgotten all about it. 

three plants on a windowsill
One of our new green friend, Paula the parlor palm. She’s already getting along great with the others 🙂

Oh, the guilty pleasures … again

Apart from efficiently hiding money from myself, I had two guilty pleasure purchases that I thought about for some time but eventually gave in. I bought new sunglasses and three small plants.

In my low buy rules, I stated that I will not buy any new plants this year because we already got enough. Spending weeks at home I realized that one can never have too many plants (or so). And since I really killed one of our green friends, I decided to get some replacement(s). So I got a parlor palm, something I can’t pronounce let alone spell as well as a lavender – everything’s cat-safe and will hopefully be with us for some time to come. I also sowed basil, thyme, mint, and lovage but apart from basil and lovage, I’m still waiting for a sense of achievement. Time will tell if my talent as a gardener is sufficient to season our food …

Some herbs and a coloful windmill in the corner of a balcony
In the smaller pot you can already see some lovage. Somewhere below there is some mint. Also, I have to cut back the cat grass …

My sunglasses, on the other hand, are a different story.

I’m shortsighted and usually wear glasses and optical sunglasses. I hardly use contact lenses anymore because I got too lazy taking care of them. Thing is: face masks and glasses don’t go together, at least in my little corner of the world. My glasses fog up quite fast and I won’t see a thing, which is quite inconvenient. So I got back to using contact lenses again (a necessary/essential purchase) and – because I don’t like (bright) light – to ‘normal’ sunglasses (I would wear sunglasses at night if it wasn’t frowned upon by society).

I still have some normal sunglasses. One is a pair of classic Aviators (that I also got as optical sunglasses), and the other one is a pair I never really learned to love or even like. Though I like to dabble in the art of minimalism, I’m still maintaining some quirks, one being that I usually have two pairs of sunglasses to alternate between according to what I feel like wearing on any given day.  I even still love my Aviators from Ray-Ban (and even got them as optical sunglasses as well). But I’m such a diva I usually have two pairs of sunglasses to alternate between according to what I feel like wearing today.  While I still love my Aviators, I felt the strong urge to replace my other extra pair of sunglasses. And after some consideration, I did so, against any logic and better judgment. But at least it’s a sustainable brand that offers replacement lenses, so if I break them or want something less flashy, I just get some new lenses and can still keep the sunglasses. I really like that idea 🙂


sunski sunglasses and a cat case on a table
My new sunglasses – I’m really happy and I like them very much. Still think I made the right choice … 🙂

Long story short: according to my low buy rules, I definitely failed this month. Buying another pair of sunglasses was an unnecessary and nonessential purchase. I gave in to my wants and my habits of wanting to alternate between different sunglasses. I could’ve failed worse – buying anything clothing-related would definitely be a no-go since I own more than enough clothes. Still, in my low buy universe, these new sunglasses are pure luxury and therefore a sort of lapse into former habits – wanting something and following this want. I will have to do better in May…


My low buy plans for the upcoming month

As stated before, my current job situation is rather frustrating for various reasons. A global pandemic does not always bring out the best in people, but that’s another story. Anyway, I plan to save as much money as I can even though I earn less during short time. So I will take a very close look at all my expenses and do my best to avoid spending more than absolutely necessary. To keep my eyes on the prize – growing financial independence – I will print out my low buy rules and put them somewhere prominent where they will remind me of my goal (I have no idea why I didn’t do this earlier!). Ideally, I will even save my book budget – but let’s not preempt too much … 🙂

On YouTube, Christina from styleapotheca (watch the video) talked about buyers guilt/remorse, how it took her days to unpack a new item and allow herself to enjoy it, and how the current situation can make it hard for some to stick to their respective goals. I haven’t experienced anything like this regarding the pandemic situation yet, though I’m all there for the buyers guilt. Fellow low buyers out there, let me know: is the current situation making it harder for you to stay on course? Do you feel anxious and/or overwhelmed and feel the want and need to purchase stuff more urgently? And if you do, do you feel guilty about it?


Thanks for spending time with me, hope you are fine. Stay safe, stay healthy, and take care!  🙂


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