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My favorite 5 (and a half) True Crime Comedy Podcasts, pt.2

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In my last post I shared three of my favorite true crime comedy podcasts with you. So without further ado, let’s dive deep into my additional five (and a half) favorite shows, which are all from the UK 🙂

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4) All Villa no Filla – Rachel Fairburn & Kiri Pritchard-McLean

UK comediennes Rachel Fairburn and Kiri Pritchard-McLean enjoy their shared passion for serial killers in a hilarious podcast called All Killa no Filla. They start each episode with a disclaimer stating that their podcast is not hero worship but keeps them occupied because as long as they keep doing this podcast, they won’t write to their favorite killers in prison. True, this might not be the worst they could do out of interest for depraved shitheads but podcasting is definitely the better choice, at least in my book.

With Rachel and Kiri it’s all about serial killers – at times even historical cases like Burke and Hare. I for one am not that keen on serial killers because thanks to listening to true crime podcasts for 3 years now, I got a lot of them covered. More often than not I can’t remember their names but will recognize them once I hear bits of their story. So it’s not necessarily Kiri’s and Rachel’s focus I love but rather their humor and at times really dirty digressions into their own stories. As professional comediennes, they share their experiences as two ladies in the field, but they also talk about dating, (dysfunctional) families, love, and food. They do all this – plus presenting their current criminal of the moment – in a wonderful British accent (though Rachel is from Wales which is a topic from time to time, also linguistically) that makes statements like “What an arse” even better. By the way, they curse quite a lot. Contrary to James and Jimmie, they both contribute to the podcast (more or less equally), at times complementing or contradicting each other.

All Killa no Filla started on Halloween 2014 and they usually post a one-hour-episode about once a month. Some of their subjects get two or even three parters – for example, Aileen Wuornos or Joseph DeAngelo – so it may take you a while to get through just one killer but it’s absolutely worth it. They are now in their sixth year and still going strong. So if you’re interested in serial killers and/or awful humans, great accents, and hilarious side stories, this is for you.
Find them at All Killa no Filla 

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5) RedHanded – Suruthi & Hannah

From all the podcasts in this list (including part 1 of the list LINK) RedHanded might be the ‘most serious.’ Suruthi, a former conference producer, and Hannah, a former theater administrator, are close friends with great chemistry and like all the others they share their fair amount of jokes. They bonded over their shared interest in true crime and decided to start their own podcast in 2017. And while they can be quite funny, they have a stronger focus on their respective subject, murder, crime, murderer, doing very thorough research not only into the crime itself but also its various circumstances.

Moreover, they like to change perspective/focal point frequently, sometimes even within the same episode. While there’s hardly anything funny about that, it adds a sort of variety most other podcasts miss. Take episode 75 about William Melchert-Dinkel as an example. They start with one victim, only to switch to another important protagonist and stick with her for most of the episode before adding the perpetrator’s side of the story. I don’t know any other podcast that does this apart from Already gone, which is a rather different style in general. Like Kiri and Rachel, they both tell one story, complementing each other or questioning certain aspects.

Their weekly episodes take about an hour on average, with an occasional live show or special that may take longer, like their Halloween specials. Like the other one and a half podcast on this list today I absolutely love their UK accent, because nothing says “fuck you” better than when it’s said with a British accent. With a little less cursing and comedy, but still much style, effort, and success, this could become your new favorite true crime comedy podcast – give it a try!
Find them at RedHanded

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And a half) S’laughter – Emma & Lucy

Another UK true crime comedy podcast, S’laughter is hosted by two Nottingham teachers, Emma and Lucy. Like Suruthi and Hannah, Emma and Lucy talk about crimes and criminals in general and not just serial killers. They take up historical cases as well as more recent ones and though they are no comedians and therefore are at times more focused on the story and digress less than James and Jimmie or Kiri and Rachel, they include a healthy dose of black humor into their shows – more so than Suruthi and Hannah.

Throughout the show, we find out something not only about the cases they talk about but also about them: one is married, the other has a boyfriend, one has a dog, they both are teachers – which is the main reason not disclosing their full names – and have known each other for more than 20 years (if I remember correctly). They do regular episodes, lasting about an hour, as well as shorter ones called “Slash and Dash” in which they talk just about one case, legend, or incident. Usually, they present one murderer or crime each, so they take a turn learning something new from the other. While also relying on a rather colorful vocabulary, their jokes are less lewd than Kiri’s and Rachel’s but no less witty or funny.

They recently got engaged and pregnant – one each – and for the foreseeable future will not record new episodes due to their changing circumstances (read their Twitter announcement). While I’m absolutely bummed about that I wish them all the best and I still got some episodes left, so I will enjoy those even more and hope for new ones someday. This is also the reason for calling it a “and a half” podcast. I didn’t want to take them off my list of favorites but also didn’t want to recommend a podcast that is on hold (though available!) at the time of writing. Nevertheless, if you want to listen to some interesting, funny, and great content with lots of true crime and bits and pieces of black humor, you will enjoy S’laughter.
Find them at S’laughter

I hope I didn’t get anything mixed up. I listened to several episodes of each podcast just to be sure, but we all know I can be quite chaotic …

So these are my 5 (and a half) favorite true crime comedy podcasts and while I know that this is not my typical content, I enjoyed writing about something different for a change. Thanks to the current circumstances a lot of us have to change their daily routines and focus on other things than usual. Listening to podcasts can be a good distraction from current developments, which is the main reason why I decided to share some of my favorites with you. I may add a list of book and sustainability podcasts in the future, but I have to get deeper into these genres before sharing some tips.

I hope you found something useful and maybe even enjoy one or the other podcast from this list. Thanks für reading and see you soon. Take care, stay safe & stay healthy! 🙂

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