No one is an island….but me!


They say you should start a new blog by writing something about yourself and the main stuff you want to write about. Don’t ask me who “they” are, but there are plenty of smart people out there who know much more about blogging than I do. So let’s just roll with it for a while.

I read a lot. I don’t watch TV because I don’t like it (and thanks to ADHD I’m easily bored to death by most of the shows and movies out there), so instead I read or surf the web for hours.  Furthermore, I write about what I read (you may recognize that in time) because I’m [pretending to be] a PhD-student writing about literature. Yeah I know, nobody needs another one, but I need the thrill of being overworked and at times overqualified while also being under-employed (like, literally) and underpaid.

I tend to start DIY projects which take ages to finish due to a) starting too many different projects at the same time OR b) underestimating how much time it really takes so I lose my patience (that I never had to begin with) and as a conseuquence my focus. Also, there is this thesis, you know … also totally underestimated that.

I enjoy the privilege of sharing my life with one of the greatest and most loving human beings I’ve ever encountered, wonderguy. And I have a cat.

Apart from that I am a loner. And I guess that’s all there is to say for now.

Did I mention the cat?


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